Welcome to the website and blog for the research project called “Personal Privacy and the BC Government’s Planned Integrated Case Management System: Legal, ethical and procedural implications for intermediary community organizations legal research project.”

Starting in the summer of 2008, the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association and the United Community Services Co-op, along with a number of key community partner organizations, have been delivering on this important research initiative on behalf of BC community and non-profit organizations.

Project Objective:
To understand and document the legal, ethical, and procedural implications with regards to personal privacy rights and protection of the integrated case management system proposed by three Ministries of the Provincial Government, and to provide advice to stakeholders and governments in regards to the documented implications.

Find Out More:
Please peruse the site to get a sense of why this research is important, download research documents as they are produced, determine how your organization can contribute to the research, link to other websites on this topic, find out more about the organizations involved in this work, and most important stay informed about what’s new. To read the final report, click here.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.

One Response to Welcome

  1. Rather not say! *read below says:

    Although this seems rather alarming, it is good news that certain info is ‘shared ‘ information! For example, I volunteered with a sociopathic individual who did pose a threat for the public- since this person was reluctant to take meds as directed. For people with a tendency to violence, this is actually great news. Otherwise, your life is an open book these days – that is what electronics brought to our lives.

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